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My name is Dan Kral, and I want to represent you and your ideas on the Minnetonka City Council.  I am running to be your Minnetonka At-Large City Council member - and am asking for your vote on November 2, 2021.  An at-large seat means that I will represent everyone in Minnetonka, and I promise to take that responsibility very seriously.  I want to help take the city to new and exciting places, while also working to keep your property taxes low. I will be accessible to all and listen to everyone's ideas and input.

My campaign could use both volunteers and contributions to help us win this fall. Could you pitch in to help us win?  You could also sign up to receive email updates from our campaign.

This is the first election where the City is using Ranked Choice Voting.  Ranked Choice Voting is different than our previous voting methods. I encourage you to research the process while you vote for our campaign. The City Council needs creativity and problem solving skills, and I bring that to the table.  I will do my best to represent you and your voice on the Minnetonka City Council.

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